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Paul Marciano - The Man behind Guess


Guess is one of the best American upscale retailer and clothing brand as well as other fashion accessories. It was actually in the year 1981 to when it was first discovered and was based in Los Angeles. The brand is also owned by the brothers Paul Marciano and Maurice. It was the first time that the company to come up with designer jeans that were initially made for women and later one followed by jean wears for men.


Paul Marcian and also his brothers came from the south of France to Los Angeles for the purpose of vacation. However, they realized that it was the place to where they want to be and to live the American dream. They later on moved to LA and Paul Marciano with his brothers then established Guess back in 1981. In just a year, the company was able to reach sales of $6 million.


Ever since the start, Paul Marciano was considered to be the driving force behind the way how the brand advertises which led the company 37 years later. The company also caused a dramatic change in the fashion world and also made a big splash in the advertising and marketing world.


In 1981, the first Guess store opened in Beverly Hills and started opening stores in other regions. Most of the Guess stores usually functions in some parts of Canada and in the U.S. The company likewise have distributors and licenses in Middle East, South Africa, Latin America and other parts of the world. It currently operates in 484 locations.  Click here now to get more info.


The big part of the brand’s market would be its jeans. Guess was in fact one of the first company to create designer jeans. During the early 80’s, it seems unlike that there’s going to be a new entry in the denim world that will become successful during that time due to the tapped out market. However, Marciano made the denim something like a must-have piece for every household. All in fact had a pair of Guess jeans. Those who did not had a pair desires to have one. Please check the website for more details.


The first jeans which were also created were fitted tightly and features zippers and ankles. It was actually innovative during that time and the jeans were stone-washed which gives it a softer feel and have lighter colors compared to denim jeans.


The advertising campaigns of Guess were known very well due to their creative images. It was because of Paul Marciano who was in charge of the market of the company where he applied his creative mind on the ad campaigns. The campaign ads of Guess were attention grabbing. Also, Paul created campaigns to which re-invented the way on how jeans and clothing were being sold.


Guess is always on the cutting edge due to its trendy styles and its campaigns. Paul Marciano in fact takes the latest styles and trends and then applies its creativity on them. Guess today is considered as a global lifestyle brand that is full of denims, accessories and apparels that are being offered in various parts of the globe. You can also learn more tips onart foundation guide, visit https://www.encyclopedia.com/literature-and-arts/art-and-architecture/art-general/art-galleries.